Our culinary specialties

Comfort Burger

Our Hacker classic: lower Bavarian crustaceous roast pork

We serve the sappy roast with a tangy dark beer sauce and with potato dumplings and speckkraut salad – small or large serving.

Hausgemachte Maultaschen

A different kind of schnitzel

Our schnitzel kitchen is famous. Try the Munich schnitzel, baked with mustard and horseradish. Comes along with potato salad.

Allgäuer Käsespätzle

Our specialty: Brotzeit plate from Unterföhring

A great Brotzeit (a meal or snack consisting of bread, cold cuts, cheese etc.) is very important in Bavaria. In our Brotzeit you’ll get a bit of everything: cold roast, cheese, sausage and ham, garnished with pickled gherkin, tomato, egg and horseradish, along with artisan bread and butter.


From the forest to the table – chanterelles for connoisseurs

It’s time for chanterelles and we have the tender mushrooms in different dishes. We recommend rump steak (250g) with sautéed chanterelles in port wine sauce, tied beans and truffles coquettes.


Halibut – tender fish on your dish

In summer time it’s nice to eat light. Try our Piccata from halibut with olive tapenade on tomato-basil-tagliatelle with glazed cherry tomatoes.

Frisch aus dem Wald

Cold and refreshing

Cold soups are very popular in summer. Our specialty: iced cucumber soup, light and tasty.